You’re drawn to his dark smile, his infectious thirst for the daring and the bold. So you follow him: The Baron Samedi, the ultimate guardian of all things enchantingly dark and other worldly; the Haitian master of the dead; the ever-cool and confident guide to a world shrouded in shadows and riddled with enigma.

In Haitian lore, The Baron lives between worlds. His charge is to escort the dead from the world of the living to the underworld, but he is notorious for his outrageous behavior and fondness for rum. When among the living he is often seen in his top hat, with his signature drink of rum in hand, laughing while partaking in whatever unruliness strikes his fancy.

The Baron knows the uncertainty of the future is exactly what makes it exciting. The most exhilarating nights and experiences aren’t planned; the kick is in the unknown. Fall in and follow the Baron. Where he leads, few dare to follow, but those who do reap his great rewards.
The Baron Samedi Spiced Rum is a carefully crafted, supernatural spirit. Made with high-quality rums from the Caribbean, the Baron Samedi includes a small amount of Jamaican pot still rum for depth of flavor. All natural spices--cocoa, cinnamon, and clove--are steeped into the rum, which is then blended with vanilla and an exotic spice from the Baron’s native Haiti.

Deep amber with notes of nutmeg and hazelnut, the Baron Samedi Spiced Rum delivers full-bodied flavor with an incredibly smooth finish worthy of the most notorious of spirits.